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Look good.

Feel great.

Burn fat.

Lose weight.

The Holidays Are Coming

The holiday eating season is almost here. How about a pre-emptive strike this year? Sign up for the Biometrics 6 week Eating & Exercise plan and you'll likely lose 8-10 pounds and a few inches before the Holiday Hogfest. Biometrics will tell you exactly what and how much to eat at 3 meals and 3 snacks a day, and we'll tell you how much to exercise for 6 weeks. Meal plan and 6 personal training session for $600. Strike now!

Call 901-684-1607 or email mike@healthyhabitsfitness.com to get started today.




Who We Are 

Healthy Habits is a personal fitness training service which has been serving the Memphis community since 1990. In 1993, Healthy Habits opened Memphis' first commercial training studio on Brookhaven Circle, where we operated for 20 years with 5-6 trainers. In 2004, Healthy Habits was purchased by Michael Ross-Spang Inc., dba Elite Personal Fitness. We received the proverbial "offer we couldn't refuse" in 2013, and in early 2014 the building was sold. The business continues to operate with one trainer who works out of 2 different facilities, or client homes.

Who I Am

Mike Ross-Spang is an American College of Sports medicine certified Health Fitness Specialist who has 20 years of fitness experience, 16 of them as a personal trainer. He moved to Memphis in 1978 to attend graduate school in Recreation at the University of Memphis. After working in various corporate fitness and recreation settings, he started his own company on April Fool's Day 1998. He has helped people in the Memphis area get fit ever since. Currently, Mike trains at Fitness First and Fundamental Fitness, as well as making in-home visits.

What I Think

Mike believes that a basic level of fitness is very important for health and quality of life. Fitness should be fun, functional, and fundamental to your lifestyle, but it doesn't need to be the most important thing in life. Mike's passion is to help you figure out how to gett fitness into your busy life. For that reason, packages of training sessions are sold that provide flexibility to suit everyone. You can have a set schedule if that works best for you, or you can schedule as you go.

Supplement Soup

Have you seen those supplement ads? It's a very soupy mess.

Learn more on the blog.

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 "What keeps me coming back is that you work me out at the right level. It's not as hard as I think I should be working, but when I work as hard as I think I should, I quit coming.”



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